How to change bounce rate with Google Tag Manager

Personally, I implement this on content sites since a visitors is often looking for one article & even if the visitor is completely satisfied with the article, Google Analytics will record the visitor as a bounce if they do not navigate to another page.

I do not implement this on any ecommerce sites since the goal of these sites is never to visit just one page and a single page view, in my opinion, should be classed as a bounce.

So how do we set it up in Google Tag Manager?

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Event Tag

Step 2: Create a trigger that fires the Event Tag after a set time

How does it work?

Firing an Event on a page prevents a bounce from being recorded, simple as that!

Create the event tag like this:

Then set the trigger up like this:

Publish the tag and you’re done!

Author: Kevin Thomson

Head of Analytics & Measurement at Attacat

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