Essential starter tools for digital marketing analysts

A question I get asked a lot is – what tools do I use as an analyst?

As an analyst, you’re going to need a few tools to help collect and analyse data. Here are my top tools to get started:

  1. Google Analytics (website behaviour)
  2. Google Tag Manager (tag management & custom tracking)
  3. Google Data Studio (dashboards)
  4. Google Optimize (split tests)
  5. Hotjar (heatmaps, videos, onsite surveys)
  6. Google Forms (customer surveys for feedback)

And that’s it! People often think I’m using obscure or wildly expensive tools; the truth is I’m not (most of the time).

With just these 6 tools you will have more than enough data to analyse and draw insights from and they are all free. There is no need to spend any money and to be honest it will take a while to exhaust and max out the potential of the tools listed above.

Most of the insight you need to provide can come from these tools. The main thing is to set them up correctly & learn how to extract and prioritise insight that impacts revenue.

Of course, there are other tools but most of my time is spent working with these tools.

I can’t overstress enough that tools simply gather data – the real insight, that makes a difference to a company bottom line, comes from your mind!

All of the above tools are completely free with the exception of hotjar which is free 2000 /page views per day; more page views will cost you $29 / month.

If I had to add a seventh tool to the list it would be Sometimes you just have to give users a specific task and observe how they get on.

Author: Kevin Thomson

Head of Analytics & Measurement at Attacat

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