Essential Google Analytics custom alerts

You’re probably expecting me to list a bunch of alerts I set up right? Well, the truth is I only set up two.

The reason for this is that if you have lots of alerts you quickly start ignoring them. For me, less is more here and I only want alerts that tell me something is probably wrong.

But won’t you just catch any issue as you check analytics? The truth is when you’re working on lots of clients accounts you don’t have time to be checking analytics¬†reports for every client every day.

The two that I set up are:

  1. 25% drop in revenue compared to the same day the previous week.
  2. 15% increase in Direct traffic compared to the same day in the previous week.

If the site is a lead generation site swap the 25% drop in revenue swap that for a 25 reduction in the main website goal.

OK, I get the drop in revenue alert but what’s with the Direct traffic increase alert? This one’s in there to alert me to any attribution issue; as developers work on sites they quite often sometimes do things that break the tracking. For example, if the developer makes a change that breaks a session, there’s a high chance the visit will be attributed to the Direct channel and we don’t want that!

So this alert is to helps alert me to that issue. Weeks of tracking issues causing traffic to be wrongly attributed to the Direct channel is quite frankly a nightmare.

Set them up be navigating to:

Admin / Custom Alerts



Author: Kevin Thomson

Head of Analytics & Measurement at Attacat

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